Pedophilia/-sexuality and new attempts towards normalisation


Recently I read articles about about a German couple that sexually abused their son and sold him to paedophiles for sexual molestation in a hideous display of behaviour that can best be described as Post-Weimar. Another reason to write this article is that I was informed about the Dutch page about paedophilia on Wikipedia. As you undoubtedly know, Wikipedia has been one of the most used websites for years in any language in the world. Nevertheless, this time there is a remarkable difference between the Dutch page and for example the English, German or French page. The last three languages open with an reference to the DSM-IV or DSM-V code. A handbook that since 1952, when the first edition came out, is regarded as standard work in psychiatry. The Dutch page places pedophilia under the banner of sexual and gender diversity. Moreover, the page writes very neutrally about what pedophilia is.

What is striking about other articles about pedophilia? Proponents of the pedophile issue use the same arguments as the proponents of the homophile issue did. This is a list of common arguments:

-”People are born this way and they cannot change themselves.”

-”Pedophilia occurs in nature, as it also does among other animals.”

-”Pedophilia occurs in many ancient cultures.”

-”The claim that a physically intimate relationship between an adult and a child causes harm to the child is over-exaggerated.”

-”Sex between an adult and a child with mutual consent can be beneficial for the child.”

-”Many of the leading homosexuals of the past were actually paedosexuals.”

-”People are against intergenerational sexuality, that is, large age differences due to old-fashioned social standards, puritan sexual phobias, and heterosexual and traditional intolerance.”

-”It is only a different form of freedom of experience and love expression.”

-”God makes no mistakes, your lazy eye is no fault, so pedosexuality isn’t either.”

-”I and people like me are only attracted to children, we do not really want to have sex with them.”

Michael L. Brown, author of the book ‘A Queer Thing Happend to America’ writes the following: “Psychiatrists with a major reputation who were decisive in the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental disorders of the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 are also now actively working to delete pedophilia as a mental disorder. Not just to justify that children can be abused, but to make it clear that it is not a mental disorder.”

Robert R. Reilly, author of the book “Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything”: “We have blinded ourselves to the connection between sexual abuse and the dissolution of the American family, which can be seen in these results: from 2010, parents with children now account for only 20 percent of US households, according to the US Census Bureau: 19-35 percent of children are in single-parent families, and sexual crime has increased by more than 200 percent since 1994 in public schools. a steep increase in illegitimate births (now 40 percent of all births), 60 percent of African-American children are born outside of marriage, about 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, there are on average about one million abortions per year, or 55 million since 1973, and our culture has been brutally brutalized, yet misuse of sexuality has corrupted our society in such a way that nobody calls it a major cause of our degeneration.”

Once again Reilly: “If someone tries to apply universal human rights to something that only relates to a certain part of the people, then you can be sure that they undermine the idea of human rights.”

Science has never been able to find such a thing as genes that of themselves provide a conclusive explanation for sexual orientation. Genes certainly play a role, just like brain structure, hormones, social influences, social influences, cultural influences, the environment, media and food. This combination of factors is exactly what makes every person whom he or she is.

It is striking that the nature or gene argument is chosen by advocates of LGBT+. Because it is scientifically substantiated, policy must be adapted to accommodate LGBT+ people. To the same people, nature and genes are never a valid argument for racial issues. Race, if its existence is already accepted, would be a social construct, a 19th-century concoction, originating from climatic conditions, an instrument to establish and maintain white power structures or be a product of coincidental chaos in evolution. This selective shopping in science makes it clear that these people are not interested in science, facts or rationality, but about acquiring privileges and a favorable social position for their own supporters at the expense of other people.

If you say that both homosexuality and pedosexuality occur through genes or nature, then you can not be in favor of one and against the other. Morality is universal, here too you can not shop selectively. The acceptance of homophilia/-sexuality is a sliding scale towards acceptance of pedophilia/-sexuality. Where do we stop? Will the horror of animal sex also be an expression of old-fashioned social norms, puritan phobias, sexual phobias and heterosexual and traditional intolerance as time goes by? You just laugh, once the suggestion that the acceptance of homosexuality would become a reality was no more than a bizarre fear-based suggestion “which would never happen.”

According to some, we live in a pedocracy. A powerful elite of people open to blackmail in politics, news media, the entertainment sector, lawyers and bankers, who want to turn society into a realm without morals, rife with degradation by means of transgression: the application of incentives that encourage us to to move our own limits further and eventually cause those limits to blur. This often ethnically or religiously inspired group of people would like to create a climate in which the general public is increasingly receptive to the lowering or releasing of age limits with regard to sexual acts. Critics of the pedocracy theory call these QAnon and Pizzagate theories harmful, false, defamatory, fact-free and insane.

Are you wondering who was behind the decades of sexual abuse of children in Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale, Derby, Bristol, Newcastle and Halifax? You will encounter many Arab, Pakistani and Somali names of convicts. Who, however, have watched on for years, downplayed and swept these kinds of heinous actions under the carpet? This does not only happen in Great Britain. The Netherlands has its own place under the sun.

As long as we continue to see sex as a mechanical activity, similar to a contractual agreement with a brain that acts as a receptor that needs increasingly extreme stimuli to get excited and to escape from boredom, normalization of what is not normal will continue. As long as we do not see sex as an outward expression of our mystical, spiritual craving for loving, meaningful eroticism, all kinds of sexual disorders will be allowed eventually. In each case we will stumble from ‘incident’ to ‘scandal’ to ‘escapade’, cry foul awkwardly and continuing our lives while the increasingly raw reality mutilates and crushes us in its timeless jaws.



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