Do not ever cuck


Note for the reader: this is an opinion article and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Erkenbrand study association

Many right-wing thinkers have already considered this question: Why do right-oriented politics get such a difficult footing in Western societies? An important reason is the so-called ‘cucken’. What is ‘cucken’ exactly and why is this relevant?

‘Cucken’ is the Dutch conjugation of the English verb to cuckold. This verb originates from the word cuckoo, the English name for the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo bird lays its eggs in the nests of other bird species and allows the young to take care of that other species.

The English word cuckold also refers to people. It is a negative term for a man whose wife cheats. In the worst case, the man also inadvertently raises the offspring from the woman’s previous relationship. In the porn industry, a cuckold is someone who – voluntarily or not – watches his partner having sex with another man.

In the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election, the word cuckold – and especially the abbreviated version of cuck – has undergone a true political transformation. Especially in right-wing circles, the word became popular to attack conservative politicians who betrayed their ideology and supporters. The cuckservative was born.

A cuckservative – a combination of the words cuck and conservative – is a politician who is only right-wing and conservative in name. Cuckservatives are right-wing politicians who, in fact, implement leftist policy. Think of open borders, the multicultural society and gender ideology.

It needs no explanation that the aforementioned examples have nothing to do with right-wing politics. Nonetheless, there are countless right-wing politicians who are committed to such matters. In the United States, the term cuckservative was rightly applied to various leaders in the Republican party, such as John McCain, Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham. It is therefore no surprise that this category of ‘right-wing’ politicians are among the biggest opponents of the American President Donald Trump.

Cucks are also widely represented in Dutch politics. On paper, politicians like Mark Rutte, Sybrand Buma and Kees van der Staaij may be on the right, but in reality they do not get in the way on the left. Incidentally, they are far from the only ones.

At least ninety percent of the ‘right-wing’ politicians who have been active in the past decades can be counted among the category cucks. What did these politicians do when the left took over the institutions and the borders opened wide? What did ‘Christian’ politicians do when gay marriage and gay adoption were introduced? The answer is nothing. In the worst case, they even worked on it.

The term cuck may be clear. A cuck betrays his principles, people and land for money. A cuck is afraid to be called ‘racist’ and therefore collaborates with the left. Cucks have no backbone and bend at the least or least resistance.

Cucks are often larger traitors than leftist politicians, who often act from left-wing idealism. The cuck, on the other hand, appears as the right, but acts on the left. A good example is Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok. Blok recently came under fire after footage leaked out in which he criticized multicultural societies. Various right-wing media praised the VVD for his statements, but that is a big mistake.

If Blok actually stood behind his statements, what on earth does he do to a party like the VVD? The answer is simple: money. For this he is prepared to sell his principles, people and land.

The blocking of Blok does not stop there, however. After a refined smear campaign from the left-wing media and various parties in the House of Representatives, the VVD member felt pressure to increase. Blok then also made his biggest mistake: he apologized. Like the good cuck that he is he bowed to the left, hoping for forgiveness.

What cucks will never understand – after all, they are not men – is that bending never works. Yes, it might be hard to keep your back straight in such situations, but it will benefit your long-term reputation and integrity. From the moment that Blok showed only one sign of weakness, the left knew he was a sitting duck. Because Blok retracted his statements, he not only gained a sensitive defeat, but also gave the left the ‘moral right’: as a politician you should not criticize multicultural societies.

Unfortunately, promising politicians also exhibit such convulsions. In March, the candidate council member for Amsterdam Yernaz Ramataursing (Forum for Democracy) stepped up after reports from a private Whatsapp group were leaked. In the messages Ramataursing asked critical questions about homosexuals, race and IQ, which were experienced by many left and right (read: cucks) politicians as ‘shocking’. Although the statements of the ex-candidate are perfectly (scientifically) defensible, the morality of his steps was again the one on the left.

Last week it was the same situation all over again. Dries van Langenhove, the chairman of the Flemish metapolitical movement Schild en Vrienden, appeared to have participated in the FvD summer school. Left journalists infiltrated the closed communication channels of Schild en Vrienden and discovered many ‘shocking’ memes. Thierry Baudet, fearing ‘guilt by association’, distanced himself from Van Langenhove and promised to improve the screening of the summer school.

Bending, apologizing and promising improvement – or cucken – is nothing but succumbing to red terror. Although positive developments are certainly going on, this form of Marxist intimidation is still very effective. In this way, the left has been able to dominate the public debate since the sixties.

How do we break this negative spiral? Learn from successful right-wing politicians. Donald Trump did not bow to left-wing intimidation. On the contrary: he chose the attack and never apologized. Trump is now the most powerful man on earth. The Italian minister Matteo Salvini and Brazilian politician Jaïr Bolsonaro are also admirable in this respect and are immensely popular among their supporters. You see: courage is rewarded.

Are you the victim of left-wing intimidation? Do not give in. Defend your position or simply be silent. In short: do not ever cuck.

W. Williams