Overwhelmed By Lies


The last few days there was a lot of controversy around Erkenbrand. Not because of current events in the Netherlands, but because of events in Flanders. The student activists of Schild & Vrienden (a name that refers to the Battle of the Golden Spurs) are accused of using extreme right-wing ideas on the basis of memes that were shared in private Facebook and Discord groups.

Why does Erkenbrand respond? This is because we were dragged into the situation by the Dutch media, so that they could whine and point in our direction.

First of all we’d like to address the allegation that we would be violent. De Volkskrant claimed that we were preparing for a violent struggle for a homogeneous Netherlands. Just because we are sporty and encourage physical activity. Nikki Sterkenburg also claimed in its series of tweets that we would strive for a civil war. Absolutely false. It is not a striving, it is a fear. We fear that the current political situation is heading for civil war because of radicalizing antifa and jihadists and because all ways to solve this through peaceful political discourse are blocked by extremely biased media, existing political parties and by violent left-wing activists. Immigration to Europe, including the Netherlands, will also contribute to a quality of life that will become increasingly worse, unsafe and more expensive.

We are a metapolitical study group with social, cultural and sports activities. We are not political activists and no amateur soldiers. We try to bring about political transformation through cultural change. We do this via articles, podcasts and videos. These are purely peaceful activities, in which we bring convey a different message than the average Dutchman will be used to.

The whole narrative that nationalism is violent has something ridiculous, it is an absurd notion. Certainly in view of the fact that there are 300 returned Syrian ISIS-fighters in the Netherlands. There are also buildings full of violent antifa groups in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Nijmegen, filled with activists who’ve done numerous criminal or violent acts (think RaRa, Kroningrellen, Kedichem). I have written an overview of leftist terrorist actions in the Netherlands before and the numbers do not lie. For every nationalist or right-wing attack there are 20 leftist attacks. Jihadists are slowly making their way up, with an attack on Amsterdam Central Station less than two weeks ago.

Recently it turned out that media and judgmental politicians had to swallow their words or ink: Chemnitz was not at all the scene of thousands of ‘extreme rightists’. There was also no angry crowd, manhunt hunting on people with a foreign appearance or talking about a pogrom. This representation of the events in Chemnitz was rejected by the prime minister of Saxony and the head of the German security service. Media have even manipulated footage to put the demonstration of local citizens in a bad light. The message we can learn from this? Nationalism is often erroneously portrayed as bad or malicious, thanks to ideological interests.

We are anxious, sometimes angry citizens who try to express our concerns and social vision within democratic and legal frameworks. However, this is made impossible by extremely biased media who prefer to keep an eye on memes rather than Saudi money that flows into Dutch mosques, the influence of Diyanet and Gray Wolves on the Turks in the Netherlands. That kind of radicalization is uninteresting. Nor are the increasingly radical university programs and their Marxist antifa support grounds for research into radicalization.

No, it is the indigenous whites who uphold the traditions and values of their ancestors and want to preserve their country, which are a danger to society. It is a shame.