About Willie Dille


Poor Willie Dille, you must have felt helpless, desperate, godforsaken. Abandoned by the mayor, police and judiciary. After your irreversible act of suicide, you have also become a topic in a war of the public arena called social media.

‘Human’ rabble takes part in this ‘debate’ and brands you a liar, racist, says you do not deserve better because you were a member of an ‘evil’ party like the PVV, or wonder why you did not come forward earlier with your story. It is the classic message after a rape: the woman is not believed (“her ideas were already unhinged, why should she be honest now?” “Maybe she said it to damage her political opponents?” “This story serves her PVV-message all too well.”), you should not have worn a skirt (“she should have kept her mouth on Islam”), you should not go home alone in the dark (“she should not have been a member of the PVV”).

In this letter, I do not want to talk about whether or not the abduction and gang rape happened. The sudden departure from Dille makes it difficult to prove the atrocity, the perpetrators and the existence of an evil mastermind behind it. It is certain that musulmen are capable of performing this type of sexual jihad. Have we forgotten the taharrush scenes that sprang up in Germany on New Year’s Eve in 2016, with Cologne as the biggest example of it? German media concealed or obscured the situation. Have we forgotten Rotherham, where about 1,400 vulnerable white women and girls have been abused for years by musulmen of predominantly Pakistani origin, while the police and judiciary were aware of the situation and discouraged their victims of because it would encourage racism, destabilize society and would cost the Labour Party votes? What about Telford?

Now friend and especially foe are of course shocked, they are saddened and “despite her hateful ideas she remains a dear mother for her children.” It is the same type of people now acting to have sympathy with Dille and her next of kin that on a normal day at all levels of our political order vote against PVV proposals because they come from the PVV, regardless of subject.

Geert Wilders has been under strict personal security detail for years. It is tolerated in our ‘open, tolerant, free democracy’. Is this still a democracy? Can you be tolerant of intolerance? The threats towards Wilders, other PVV-member but increasingly also Thierry Baudet and other Forum voor Democratie-members are a serious threat to democracy. Willie Dille is only the most recent victim on the altar of the modern parallel society where there must be a choice between standing up for individualism or collectivism, nationalism or globalism, women’s rights or immigrant rights or disability rights or LGBT + rights. These convictions often clash because it is impossible to stand up for all convictions at the same time.

The suspicious emergence of the multicultural, multi-ethnic society, Islam first, paved the way for a society without foundation and without efficiency. This can not be otherwise. A people, culture and society experience a joint development and they are able to confirm and reinforce each other. When you disturb this composition by allowing strangers to move in there are cracks, then fault lines and ultimately conflict in society. This is the truth that Willie Dille regularly spoke aloud.