Traditie Tegen Tirannie (deel 1)


‘Tradicija Proti Tiraniji’, in het Nederlands ‘Traditie Tegen Tirannie’, is een Sloveense etnonationalistische beweging die zich bezighoudt met metapolitiek en Europees nationalisme. Binnen hun eigen land trachten zij het nationaal bewustzijn te ontwaken, zonder te vervallen in een vernauwd chauvinisme. Zij zien zich als onderdeel van het opkomend etnonationalisme in Europa. Op hun website zijn verschillende interviews te vinden met Europese groepen en denkers. Onlangs gaf Erkenbrand een interview en andersom stuurde Traditie tegen Tirannie ons een uitvoerig antwoord op onze vragen. Hieronder volgt deel één, over het ontstaan van hun beweging.

Tradition against Tyranny was first started in early 2017 by one of us as a website and an online project. Initially, the goal was to create an online platform for alternative, mainly white identitarian ideas, and for European nationalist world-views, which had very little representation in Slovenia at the time. With this aim of presenting principles and ideas that represent a viable alternative to the prevailing liberal/cosmopolitan or neomarxist views, the website started publishing articles, translations and interviews through which the Slovenian public could learn about these ideas without the negative bias with which they are presented in the mainstream media.

Apart from being the website that represents the European nationalist views and the thoughts of identitarian, or what we like to call, the “racially conscious” Right, it also seemed important to offer valid criticism of the modern prevailing multicultural agenda and false liberal assumptions about gender, race, human nature and nature in general, and to draw attention to the negative consequences of leftist multiculturalism and capitalist consumerism, since the first is destroying our nations in the physical sense and the second in the mental and spiritual sense. And it was also equally important to awaken our fellow countrymen to the fact that these negative consequences, that this destruction of our culture and traditions, this ongoing demographic replacement of our people in their own lands and general prevailing decadence, are not something that just happened “by mistake”, or because of the foolishness of our politicians, but is in fact a part of a carefully designed plan of the so called international globalist elites, and of the hidden powers which want to create a rootless, dull population without a strong racial identity and a sense of belonging, that could be easily controlled in a global world without borders where people as well as capital and other means are easily transported all around the globe.

After some time, the founder of Tradition against Tyranny was joined by a few like-minded comrades who were also willing to write articles for the website, create graphic designs and promote the project on the streets by putting up stickers, or through their social media accounts. And while there are some other patriotic and rightist groups and projects operating in Slovenia today, we felt that there was a need for a new organization or a movement, that would specifically focus on spreading the positive affirmation of our racial, national and cultural identity and on building the foundations for identitarian racially conscious community and a dissident right “counter-culture”. That is why we recently decided that we should take this project one step further, and create a new activist group and movement. While we intend to carry on with the initial aims of Tradition against Tyranny and continue to spread our views online by publishing interesting material such as various articles, interviews and translations, we believe it is necessary to also move some of our activities into the “real world”. This includes spreading our message on the streets of our cities through promotional material such as stickers etc., organizing some hiking trips in nature, visiting historical sites, museums and monuments, organizing debates and round tables, educating and slowly building our organization into a community of like-minded comrades, and maybe do some charity or environmental work in the future. We believe activism and bonding are both equally important for a strong movement.

We would also like to add that we consider ourselves a strictly metapolitical group taking part in the cultural war, and because of that we think it is important to talk not only about specific ideas, but to look at our society and contemporary culture as a whole, and from the racial point of view take into consideration what is good or bad for our people and our future. So in our writings we also focus on culture, religion, traditions, literature, contemporary consumerist “culture” and mass entertainment. And finally, as some of your readers might be familiar with the following quote: “I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know”, we share this opinion and believe that by writing and talking about some of the mentioned topics such as national customs, culture, traditions etc. of not only Slovenians, but of Europeans as a whole, we can ignite the spark of racial consciousness and the sense of belonging to a great European family of nations within our countrymen, so this is another important aspect that we take into consideration.

To conclude, we would like to say a few words about the name “Tradition against Tyranny” itself. While we are familiar with the traditionalist philosophy and cherish such thinkers as Julius Evola, the “Tradition” in our name is closer to the Dominique Venner´s view of tradition as a manifestation of certain archetypes and of a soul of a specific peoples, of their experience of the world around them, and of their characteristics. As Venner said “It rests upon the hereditary dispositions of related peoples, and a spiritual heritage …” We are in a way born into certain “tradition” which is a part of us, which gives us an “interior compass” that helped our ancestors to determine right from wrong and is the foundation for our cultural norms and values. For us, tradition and culture is in many ways the reflection of our racial soul that we share with other white people. To turn to Venner once more, the differences that we can notice between say, southern or northern European peoples are the consequences of the different climate, environment and geography, and the different cultures that emerged through the ages in Europe are “simply contrasting manifestations of the same tradition”. As many readers will know, Venner saw the greatest and the purest source of this European tradition in Homer. By affirming and accepting our traditions we affirm and strengthen our bonds with our fellow European nations. By learning about our traditions we learn about ourselves, and by defending it we defend our heritage, our blood, our racial characteristics, given to us by nature, and our right to exist, against the Tyranny of political correctness, false equality and the cosmopolitan liberalism and cultural Marxism.

We strongly believe that Europeans everywhere should work together and cooperate against the leviathan of globalism which seeks to erase and replace us with masses of third world invaders. The struggle we are facing is full of hardships and dangers, and we need to fight it together for the sake of our collective racial interests. We support the vision of a pan-European nationalism, an idea that has nothing to do with the mixing of the different white European nations into one, as some may think, since that would be on a racial level, what globalists want to achieve on a level of the whole humanity. Nor does the “vision” of pan-European cooperation has anything in common with the Pan-Europeanism of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was financed by the Jewish bankers and envisioned a man of the future as a mixed race mutt. For us, this idea of a pan-European nationalism and solidarity is rooted in an awareness of our common roots and ancestral ties going back to the beginnings of our history. We should cherish our local national customs and culture and this true European diversity which evolved on our continent, and represents different “manifestations of the same tradition”, but should also be able to stand together when our racial interests and our common homeland Europe is endangered.

In the rapidly globalizing western world, infested with consumerist culture and mass migrations, Europeans everywhere are once again invoking their common identity. Faced with the “otherness” brought to our shores by the racial aliens who are invited by our traitorous leaders, Europeans are again realizing, that although many of our cultures from different parts of the continent are quite different on the first sight, they share much in common, and we have seen considerable progress in the last decades and especially in the last years, in building international alliances among white Europeans all across the West. Some such instances were the organized actions of Generation Identity who some years back took to the sea, and later guarded the mountain passes, in an efforts to prevent illegal migration under the well-known slogan “Defend Europe”, or the march that the Austrian identitarians are organizing in Vienna every September in memory of the battle in which the Siege of Vienna was broken with help of brave Polish hussars and their king Jan III. Sobieski in the 17th century. Another such great initiative was the march “No More Brother Wars”, organized by Polish nationalists in Gdansk, and attended by nationalists from various countries. There are many other cases of different identitarian and nationalist organizations cooperating in many ways and we fully support such developments toward a European nationalism, invoked by such thinkers as Dominique Venner, Guilaume Fay, Kai Murros and others.
Unfortunately, there are still some hostilities and grudges among different European nations, as a consequences of past wars, conflicts and border disputes. Because of this we can still notice in different degrees a presence of unhealthy nationalism, or “national-chauvinism” in many parts of Europe. We believe that we should overcome this past differences and problems, and we should refuse to be, as Kai Murros nicely said, “slaves of the past”. Thus, we make clear distinctions between racially conscious true nationalism and the petty chauvinist nationalism that can do more harm than good.

Europa Terra nostra is a project which we wholeheartedly support. We regularly follow their website and activities, and we see it as a great example of a cooperation among nationalists and of a “European” nationalism that we mentioned in the previous answer. We would say that judging by their work, they have already proved to be quite successful in their aims of encouraging the cooperation between nationalists from various countries in Europe, and hopefully their activities will inspire others to join such projects and movements.

As we already stated, we believe that a new “European” type of nationalism that goes beyond one’s border, and reminds us that we all belong to a European racial family and should therefore defend the home of this extended family together is necessary today. Organizations such as ETN are continuing the work of the previous thinkers and movements that laid foundations for such developments within the nationalist circles, and deserve support of identitarians and nationalists from all across the West.