Nordic Resistance Movement – een interview


Can you give us a brief introduction to the Nordic Resistance Movement? Do you consider yourself a political or more of a metapolitical organization? What kind of activities do you offer?

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a revolutionary national socialist struggle-organization. We are a pan-nordic organization which is active in all Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland). One of our aims is to unite these countries into one nation.

The scope of our activities is very broad so we always have to find new ways to become more efficient. In the end, all of our energy is directed towards one of these three goals:

1) Recruit new people. Here we put quality before quantity. We make demands on our aspiring members. Not everyone can join.
2) Influence the opinion of the masses that can’t or won’t join us in the active struggle – either in becoming more positive towards us and our ideas in general or becoming more aligned with our ideology on specific topics.
3) Strengthen our members – both as an individual to make them a better person and as a group, to prepare for whatever challenges the struggle might lead to in the future.

In order to move in the direction of these three goals we organize a lot of different activities, for example:

* Interaction with the general public, where we discuss matters with people on the street and hand out leaflets.
* Quantity activism like putting up banners, stickers and posters.
* Martial arts training and other forms of physical training.
* Study groups and lectures.
* Wilderness activities and education.
* Media activities. We manage 15 different webpages, 20 podcasts and a couple of internet TV-shows.

We also have a parliamentary branch and made our first run for election in 2018.

Let’s talk about ideology now. In your highly interesting political manifest “Our Path” you write you were inspired by traditional democratic principles and nordic national-socialism, especially the the work of Povl Riis-Knudson. Can you explain his ideological point of view? How does he stand out among other political thinkers?

Povl Riis-Knudson explains National Socialism as a biological phenomenon of the natural world, a view which we agree on. It is not a materialist ideology created at a study table as Marxism and capitalism, but an ideology that manifests nature and the way nature has created the world and humanity. As an example, If races where meant to mix they wouldn’t have been created so different and on different continents. National Socialism is about respecting these unbreakable natural laws as they have been since the beginning of time.

Also, you mention the term ‘democracy’ being stolen by pro Zionist and leftist lobbies pushing their agenda. Your goal is to establish true democratic principles, like creating a legislative Parliament without political parties and their lobbies, where individuals can candidate for. Also you want to appoint an executive Senate which elects the Leader. Can you elaborate a little more on this system? For example, how are the High Court judges appointed? Has there been a historic example of this system?

We acknowledge that there are questions how to fit in the vote of the people for the best path to go forth – European people have a need to participate and with proper political education and a raised awareness on political questions in general the interest of the masses would be even higher. Therefore we want to have more elections, especially on smaller and local questions that affect the everyday life of the people. With the larger questions that affect the nation as a whole, democracy is both stupid and highly inefficient. Here the best educated individuals that have proven their loyalty towards the people must be trusted to make the right decisions. To avoid corruption the people can vote to remove their leaders if they aren’t satisfied with their work.

There have been several systems in the past that remind of this system: in the old north, in the roman empire, what Hitlers Germany would be like if there was no war etc. But none of these examples is exactly as we would want it. We would adopt the natural laws and traits of our people to our culture and the current times. The system is thought out to be the best one to secure our peoples existence and our freedom for thousands of years to come. Our system is not about maximum profit but about what is best for our people with a mindset of thousands of years.

Since the current so-called liberal democratic system with it financial system is on the verge of collapsing, how can NRM and like-minded movements throughout Europe support and strengthen each other, in order to speed up the build-up process for the future?

Of course we can exchange ideas and support each others events morally, economical or physically. However I do not think that we really can help each other and make a proper change until one of us grows very big. So I believe that the best way to help each other right now is to do whatever you can to make your own national movement grow.

After the current so-called liberal-democratic system has self-destructed, how do you view a new Europe, a Europe of free people? Will there be a centralized European political entity or do you prefer to see the resurrection of strong regional states like the Nordic Nation? Do you have ideas about hybrid forms of these two systems?

I do believe that the days of the small independent nations are gone. Instead we must form new bigger and stronger foundations of nations with similar culture and race – big enough to be self-sufficient and independent. For example the united North is one of these big enough nations. Maybe the Netherlands together with Belgium could be another one?

These new strong nations could and should discuss global politics and set up agreements that would benefit us all – but at the same time I do not believe that we ought to be dependent on these agreements and they cannot overrule each nations own national policies. So big sovereign and free nations should cooperate to reach common global goals, for example concerning the environment and the overpopulation of the world, but they still are independent when it comes to national matters. I believe in diversity of people, nations and cultures and not like today where everyone should be, think, feel and act the same.

Let’s continue with Scandinavian politics. Within Scandinavia, we see major differences in policy towards migration. In Sweden the situation is rapidly deteriorating because of the huge influx of migrants. How can national policies differ so much?

I would say that all Nordic/Scandinavian countries – and as a matter of fact all white countries – have followed the same path towards the same outcome – a multi cultural world with a mixed race and open borders – the only difference is how far it has gone. In Sweden we are some years “ahead” of the other Nordic countries.

We could debate on why, but mostly it has to do with certain lobbygroups that obtained a strong influence in Sweden before the other countries. As an interesting fact, of course not stating that it has anything to do with it (blink), is that we have way many more Jews in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries.

Another factor that probably has contributed is that we weren’t involved in the Second World War and thus have had peace for much longer.

During the last elections, the Swedish people could vote for a more populist/nationalist party, the Sweden Democrats, yet moderate and leftist parties received the larger portion of the votes. Can you elaborate a bit about this party, the Sweden Democrats? Can they provide a serious solution?

The Sweden Democrats are controlled opposition – they won’t change a thing but only lower the pace towards the globalist world order. More like being tortured to death than being executed with a head shot, if you want. Sweden Democrats accept racial foreigners as long as they are Christian and speaks Swedish – but the problem is not culture and religion but race. It doesn’t matter how good the integration programs are, without ethnically nordic people there will be no Nordic nations.

Also the Sweden Democrats are not doing anything to change the real power structure of the world – they only want to fix the problems you can see and touch. They are attacking the symptoms and not the disease itself, much like trying to cure cancer with painkillers. To be able to save our nation for real, we must first of all recognize race and then we must attack the disease at its core by targeting the global elite ruling the world.

Sweden seems to be largely under the spell of political correctness and media indoctrination even more than other European countries. Does this have to do with a particular mindset of the Swedish people? Or do mass media and academic institutions play a significant role in this indoctrination?

This goes a little bit hand in hand with the answer I gave on why Sweden is worse than the other Nordic countries when it comes to immigration. However an add-on answer could be that we are a very naive people – we have a higher trust in authorities than many other people. This is of course a very good and beautiful racial trait if you have a good government and media, but very bad under the ruling circumstances.

On the global political arena, we are witnessing a showdown between globalist forces promoted by international institutions, NGO’s and ‘philanthropic’ financiers, and on the other side, there are nationalist and populist forces, like Trump, Orban, Salvini, and events like the Brexit. What are your thoughts on the current struggle?

It is really interesting to watch the growth in popularity of nationalism. The white peoples of the world are starting to wake up and see that we need a change. However I believe that also these populists in the end of the day are controlled by the same forces as the old politicians. They had to slow things down and take another path – but in the end things are still going their way until real revolutionary forces sprung from the people are getting bigger.

We do not need politicians slowing things down – we need a revolution that changes everything for the better. The actual problem with these populists, as well as with the Sweden Democrats, is that people are fooled that change will come through their hands. The people seem satisfied with them, at least at the moment. It is easier to just vote for “nationalist” politicians than to get your own hands dirty and really fight back.

In the last decades the Middle-East has seen a lot of violence, more often than not caused by global Zionist activities. Is the NRM interested in Near East politics? Is it possible to find friends in this volatile area of the world?

We have huge respect for every people standing up for themselves against the globalist elite – no matter what race and nation they are from. Our enemies work on a global scale and therefore so must we. I do however stand firm by the things I said before about how we can help each other out and cooperate – from our point of view this includes also others than whites. To preserve our races and fight the powers that are trying to destroy us concerns us all.

How do you see the current Russian regime and politics and how important are for you the strengthening of Russian-Nordic Nation cooperation in the future?

I put Putin in the same category as Trump and Sweden democrats. Russia serves as an interesting example of a new nationalistic era among the politicians, but I do not think that Putin is “our guy”. His politics may seem better than the ones we see in the West of today, but they are still not good enough. The same hook-nosed powers lurk in the shadow.

When we have claimed power of course a cooperation with Russia will be important since it is such a big and influential nation of the world, but not more than that. Hopefully also real ethno-nationalists will owerthrow Putin and grab power in Russia in the future.

You see the coming Nordic Nation as an entity consisting of Sweden, Norway, Denmark Finland and Iceland, because of its similarities in culture, language and tradition. Could Germany and the Netherlands also be a part of this Nordic Nation, or for example form a economic and monetary union with the Nordic Nation?

As I said earlier I do believe that the smaller nations must come together and form bigger states to be able to stay sovereign and independent in the more and more globalized world. Exactly how these nations will take form and how big they will be – only the future can tell.

Getting rid of the current financial order with its interest policy will be a huge change and challenge to implement for Europe. Do you have any hope this change can be implemented smoothly and orderly? Or will a period of turbulence and economic crises be necessary?

I do believe that economic crisis is necessary. It must become worse before it gets better. The bottom must be hit before we can reach for new heights. It is important to understand that no conservative change can solve fundamental problem. Of our political points none can be implemented n a slow pace, one at a time, because they are connected to each another, as in a chain. It all fits together. A total revolution of the peoples mindset is necessary, where we go away from capitalism/communism into nationalism.

Finally, we are interested in NRM’s view on religion and spirituality. How do you view the roles of Christianity and the ancient European religions?

We are a non-religious organization that has a positive attitude towards freedom of religion both among our members of today and in the future Nordic nation once we are in power. We do recognize the need for spirituality and believe that something more than just materialism must be available for the people, but my personal belief is that National Socialism serves this need well, without the gods or the religious beliefs.

If we look at things historically I do think that Christianity is one of many things to blame for the situation we are in today and that things would have looked very much different if our people held on to the old ways. Christianity was never a religion for the Nordic people and therefore they have abandoned it and moved on to embrace materialism, trying to fill the spiritual void of today. With that being said, we have Christian members in our organization and I do respect their personal beliefs – however it does not change the facts from the past.