Never let a good crisis go to waste – keep dropping the red pill


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Het Corona virus heeft de bestaande orde vloeibaar gemaakt. In deze ongewone tijd zijn radicale maatregelen mogelijk, allemaal voor uw eigen bestwil. De elites ruiken kansen en laten meer dan ooit blijken wat hun agenda’s zijn voor onze landen en onze levens. Deze plannen zijn overigens niet eensluidend, er is aan de top een strijd gaande. Onze buitenlandse correspondent ziet vooralsnog twee kampen ontstaan, de ‘Openers’ en de ‘Oppressors’. Hij verwacht dat de twee kampen uiteindelijk de buit zullen verdelen, maar ook voor nationalisten ontstaan kansen.

Keep dropping the red pill
Corona Corona, where ya been so long?! Isn’t that a song? I think it’s Dylan. Anyway, fuck him. Well Erkenbrand, here’s your Yankee correspondent reporting in with his take. My take is that there’s too many damn takes on the Corona virus. We have everything from hair on fire the end is near predictions, all the way to it’s just the sniffles brah stop worrying and everything in between. Now, I’m not gonna talk much about how bad the virus truly is. I’m not a scientist and even they have drastically different takes on it as well. They don’t know the true infection rate so therefore they can’t know the true death rate, but they publish a very precise figure anyway, mmmkay. Alright great, that’s out of the way. Now, let’s get on to business. What we ultimately want to know is what are the agendas of each side because it’s all being politicized at this point and that includes the so-called experts. There seems to be two major sides to this and one is, we gotta open things up for the economy stupid. That’s much more popular in America as you can well imagine. Then there’s, let’s use this opportunity to increase our repression. This take is more popular in Europe it seems. It seems most especially popular in Britain, which is no surprise as Britain has basically become ClownWorld personified.

You can empathize with Brits who believe this when they’re being droned while walking their dogs in empty fields all the while mosques remain open in the cities. So, in our circles the vast majority of us it appears are sticking with one of these two takes as to what our elites and the usual suspects are up to. Well, which is it damn it!? Perhaps, it’s a bit of both. It seems in the early days of this wonderful pandemic, I’m being sarcastic so calm your tits, most of our elites were more concerned with the economy. Friends of ours in America have made this case and have done so quite convincingly I believe.

The basic point is that economic activity of working shit jobs and consuming product is what the New World Order’s power is based on. You need the bread and circuses to keep people fat, happy and pacified. So therefore, they don’t want anything to disturb this arrangement, even if a few thousand people have to die to keep it chugging along. This fits well with the fact that our leaders took their sweet time before doing anything about the virus. This was more the case in America than in Europe but Europe wasn’t too far ahead in taking action and Sweden of all places hasn’t done shit.

Well, come to think of it they do like to pretend that everything will be fine up there don’t they, but let’s get back on point shall we. I believe in the beginning this was our elites take but as time went on and the number of infections continued to rise, this take became burdensome to them and let’s face it, it’s pretty bad optics anyway to just let this thing spread. Our elites are still concerned with optics to a degree, otherwise they would have continued to do nothing but as know we, or should know by now, that’s all they care about since they clearly don’t give a shit about our well-being. Now since action has been taken by our authorities, there seems to be a fight at the top between those who are more concerned with their offshore bank accounts and those who are more concerned with increasing their draconian grip on society. So which side is winning you may ask.

The short answer is that it doesn’t matter because they’re going to win one way or the other. Now it may not be the way some of them want to win but they’ll still win, at least in the short term. That’s what winners do. It’s either heads I win or tails you lose. Granted, it’s much easier to do this when you have power. Our leaders or Occupiers as I call them may be making the pivot to more oppression that this virus has afforded them to undertake. So even when things calm down and things get back to normal economically speaking, there’s no reason why we should expect these assholes to do away with these draconian measures of forcing people to stay at home and travel bans. The stay at home bullshit is not nearly as bad here in The Netherlands as it is in Britain but still, I don’t see these check points set up in every town going away either.

So, we’ve determined that in the short run our occupiers are going to win one way or the other but the question is, is this good for them in the intermediate and long term? I don’t believe it is. Let’s take Europe first. They may have set a precedent for oppressing us further but this virus and the fallout has been devastating for the EU. This is encouraging and while I don’t think the Corona virus will be the factor to bring it tumbling down, it will hasten the EU’s downfall. The popularity of the EU has tanked ever further, if that’s even possible! Who the hell likes the EU at this stage amongst the public?! In Italy, this is most striking and I believe as others do that they’ll be the next domino to fall and if Italy leaves the EU, their position will be drastically weakened. If nothing else, this virus has laid bare how utterly useless the EU is to the public at large.

They’re never there when you need them, even during a pandemic and if they can’t help with something like that, what in the hell good are they? The EU is only good at performing evil, like flooding our countries with hostile foreign invaders but when you need them to so some actual good work that might help people, meh fuck you pal you’re on your own. We dissidents have been saying this for years and now we’ve been handed a whole cache of ammunition to use against them so let’s not waste it. So that brings us to the US whose situation is a bit different than Europe. How will the US fair in the short term? Well, it does seem that economically America is heading for a recession if not a depression. In Europe this is much less likely as the governments have been helping non-essential workers whereas the US has done very little and it’s really become a complete shit show there.

It looks like the Orange Retard will be opening up the economy probably sooner than later, although it remains to be seen how much that will help the situation in America. The usual suspects are up to their usual tricks and it looks like the looting has already started so in the short-term things look much worse for America. As for we dissidents, we just have to keep on keeping on and keep dropping the red pills anywhere we can and to quote Rahm Emanuel, never let a good crisis go to waste. Exploit the fissures and enlarge the cracks in the wall and we’ll get that much closer to it all coming down in a heap.

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