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Patriotic Alternative is the first organization to develop an alternative curriculum for home schooling, a much needed counter balance for the anti-white school system. Erkenbrand spoke with Laura Towler, one of the leading figures behind the initiative.

The lands of Europa that are in the worst shape bring out the best counter movements. Such a fine movement is Patriotic Alternative (PA) in the United Kingdom. In the short time this organization has been in existence, they have attracted a large group of dedicated members and have made a strong media presence.

Perhaps most interesting, Patriotic Alternative is the first organization to develop a real alternative for the current school system. As nationalists we cringe about the extent the National Curriculum is affected by left wing ideology. Our history, which should be the fundament of a positive identity, is distorted and politicized. Children are left with feelings of shame about their country’s past. They no longer identify with their ancestors who built their countries in the first place. In the void left behind, our children are directed towards one of the pseudo identities the dominant system has to offer: climate warrior, LGBT activist or helper of refugees. In the end, these pseudo identities are diametrically opposed to their true identity, which is made up of their ethnicity and their extended family, i.e. their race. This deep contradiction within the current system – taking the energy of young people and directing it towards their destruction – leads to the manifestations of mental illness we now see on an epidemic scale, especially in our youngsters: depression, irrationality and an existential anxiety. Quite simply, if White people want to have a future in our ancestral homelands this has to stop.

As said, Patriotic Alternative is the first organization that will offer a complete alternative curriculum, free of this destructive, anti-human ideology. So far PA has focussed on the rules and regulations of home schooling, to help parents get started. Recently they published their first lesson about the BLM protests and slavery. We interviewed Laura Towler to find out more about the alternative curriculum.

Can you first give our Dutch readers an introduction to Patriotic Alternative? What does your organization stand for? What is the political background of your members?

Patriotic Alternative (PA) was founded by Mark Collett in the fall of 2019. We are a community building and activism group. Our aim is to create a structure for people so that they can feel part of a community and get involved with national and local activities. We also carry out activism like ‘We Were Never Asked’ and the Mam Tor banner reveal. We have also submitted a bid to be a political party and our manifesto will go live soon.

We’ve had people move to PA from UKIP and For Britain, which is to be expected, but we’ve also had people move to us from the Tories and the Labour Party. Our message is clear: Britain belongs to the British. This is a non-offensive message that the majority of British people can get behind. Most people want to live in a safe environment, where they can be around their own people and culture. We’ve currently had over 10,000 people register to get involved with us.

Please tell us more about your own involvement in PA.

Mark and I had worked together on ‘We Were Never Asked’. He asked me as a speaker for the first PA conference. After the success of the launch conference, Mark appointed me to the position of Deputy Leader. When we launched the PA website in Spring 2020, he also appointed me to the position of Web Editor.

It seems that the mainstream media really took notice of PA after a seemingly innocuous tweet, when you thanked Yorkshire Tea for not supporting Black Lives Matter. Yorkshire Tea then asked you to stop buying their tea, which turned into world news.

Yes, Yorkshire Tea went viral and was written about in 40+ newspapers in Britain. It also reached the NY Times, CBS, etc in America. It reached German, Austrian, Indian and Australian news. It was the top trending Twitter story on Twitter. It was spoken about by Piers Morgan on television and by James Corden on his 25 million subscriber YouTube channel. It was our best ever day for clicks and registrations on the PA website.

We also went viral with the White Lives Matter banner on Mam Tor. Our post was seen over 7.5 million times on Facebook.

Let’s turn to our main subject. PA is a young organization, yet from the start you have focused on changing the education system. Why is education such a priority?

The education system and the mainstream media are anti-British and anti-White. Through state education, our children will learn that they are responsible for all the wrongs in the world. They will be taught a falsified narrative of history that always paints White people as the oppressors and non-Whites as the victims. They will be taught to feel ashamed of who they are, and they will be taught that they are born guilty. We believe that our children should be taught the truth, and they should be able to make up their own mind about things rather than being indoctrinated by left-wing tutors. For example, children should be taught the truth about slavery; teach them that we had slaves during the era of the British Empire, but then also teach them who we bought the slaves from, teach them that all races had slaves, teach them that the British were the first to abolish slavery, and teach them that there are more slaves in the world today than there have ever been at any point in history.

When native British children enter the education system, they are one of the top performing ethnic groups. When they leave the education system, they are the worst performing ethnic group (bar none). White working class boys are the least likely group in Britain to go to university. Something is horribly wrong here. British children are being left behind.

Recently you launched an initiative to develop an alternative curriculum for home schooling. Please tell us how you went to work.

We recently launched an Alternative Curriculum at PA. The project was started by myself, Mark and two ex-teachers. The team has grown much larger over the last couple of months and includes lots of experts from the education sector, both male and female. At the moment we have all the information on the website about your legal rights as a parents, and some templates for withdrawing your children from state education.

We’ve also just launched our first piece of downloadable content which is an 18-page document called ‘Be Proud of Your People’. Over the coming months, you will begin to see more and more information added to the Alternative Curriculum for parents to download. We intend to cover all lessons and all age groups, but of course it will take us time to develop the curriculum.

When will the program be finished? Will the content be free available?

The project will be continuous so it will never be finished. We plan to keep adding more and more information, for as long as Patriotic Alternative is active. All the content will be available free from our website. The people working on the project are volunteers and are doing this in their free time. If people would like to support PA and our team of volunteers, they will be able to through our website in the near future but this is not required to access the content.

In what sense will your educational program be nationalistic or identitarian? How does it differ from the National Curriculum?

It is neither as children should be able to make up their own mind about what ideology they believe in. We will just provide the facts and help children to develop critical thinking skills so that they can make up their own minds about things.

Critics will say you want to indoctrinate children with right wing views. What answer do you have for them?

Children are currently being indoctrinated to have left wing views, we simply plan to counter that with something more balanced. At the moment, children will be taught things such as the Windrush generation [Note: Immigrants from the Caribean between 1948-1971] built Britain, which is a ridiculous thing to say. The Windrush generation came over here in 1948. Was there no Britain before 1948? Also, even when the Windrush generation did arrive, they were only a very, very small percentage of the population. It was British people who built Britain. This is not “right wing”. It is simply the truth.

Please tell us more about future plans.

If you keep an eye on our website, you will see more and more content added to the Alternative Curriculum as the weeks and months go on. As Patriotic Alternative grows we hope to employ a few members of staff so that we can have somebody working full time on projects like this.


  1. I have been following Mark Collett and Laura Towler for a while now and they are the real deal. What they say and do is equally important for Holland and all other blanke (white) countries. What she forgot to mention, is that not only are our countries for us, but that this implicates that we don’t want to become a minority in our own country. Even if we stop the sickening and needless immigration now, this will be the near future (2050 – 2060) in all blanke countries. Have a look at their site and at BitChute, Mark Collett. There are highly valuable casts there. Also have a look at the ninth of August, the indigenous Peoples Day. Stick up your WLM message everywhere and ge rit online.

  2. Correction: If we do nothing, we will be a minority soon (2050 – 2060). And even if we stop all immigration now, because of their high birthrates, it won’t last much longer for us to become minorities in our own countries.

  3. @Outlier88 That last thing already came true. In my birthtown of Rotterdam in most of the area’s we are minorities already. We let in too many. We’re screwed!

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