‘A bas a la Republique!’


What is your organization? How can I call you?
Call me Theo. I am from Action Française.

Theo, what is it like to be a royalist in modern day France?
It’s simple: we are the enemy of the state. We have been their enemy since the French Revolution of 1789.

Why do you clash?
The Republic is an ideology. It is the ideology of the Enlightenment, call it liberalism or any other name. Different times, same mindset. We are opposed to this.

Is there repression of royalists in modern France?
Yes there is repression. If there is a conflict, the system will side with our enemies. François-Aubert Gannat, one of comrades from an another nationalist group called ‘Alvarium’, was jailed after he defended their meeting-centre from an attack by anti-fascists. Hervé Ryssen has written about the nationalist cause. He has been jailed for his political views.

What will the future monarchy of France look like?
The king will be a centralizing force, so regionalism can thrive. One of our mottos is “l’autorité en haut, les libertés en bas”. A strong state can permit freedom on the local level. The title of king is hereditary, so the future king can be prepared for his role from a young age. The other parts of the state will be meritocratically organized, mostly according the fascist model.

Can you have a queen?
No, that is not our tradition.

How do you get rid of a bad king?
There will be a counsel of wise men with the powers to dispose of a bad king.

What will happen to the immigrants?
It may seem a huge problem, but it is actually simple. After the Algerian independence the French were given a simple choice: “la valise ou le cercueil”, the suitcase or the coffin. Algeria got rid of the French, the pied noirs, within a day. We will offer the same choice to the immigrants in France.

Will the people of France embrace your ideas? They might have the wrong associations with the monarchy, such as the decadence.
That is why we do not say ‘Vive le roi!’. We say ‘A bas a la Republique!’, down with the republic. The people have never been against the monarchy, the French Revolution as a revolt of the people is a myth. The revolution was orchestrated from above, from the bourgeoisie. To stir up the people they burnt the crops.

What is your stance on the Church?
We are neutral on religious matters but the fact is that 99% of our members are Catholics. For our future monarchy we want to keep the separation of the State and the Church. We do not want a restoration of the divine rule of the sovereign. We are nationalists in the first place and then religious. Our God is our nation.

Do you have a candidate for your king?
Yes we do. There are actually several candidates who can claim the title. There is most support for Jean d’Orleans. He would be well suited for the title. His son is still young, but he looks very promising. His tutor is one of our people.

Are they well known in France?
No, they are completely ignored by the media. Even the gossip magazines will only write about foreign royalty and ignore our own.

Are you in contact with the French royal family?
Yes, we offer protection at events where they attend. They are speakers at our conferences.