About us

Erkenbrand is an Old Dutch name, composed of ‘erken’ (‘holy, pure’) and brand (‘flame, sword’). The name therefore means ‘holy sword’ or ‘pure flame’.

Study association Erkenbrand provides a meeting platform for kindred spirits who are critical of the demographic, spiritual, cultural and political developments in the Netherlands. We do not have a well-defined ideology, but what unites us is our love for our people and our land. We support the right to self-determination for all peoples of the world.

To become better individuals and better Dutch people, we organize information meetings, excursions, social events and sports together on a national, regional and local level.

Erkenbrand is not an activist organization. We do not participate in nationalist protests or demonstrations of any kind and we do not support political activism in any way.

Our goal is to spread our ideas and friendship between kindred spirits. We expect a certain intellectual maturity from our participants. However, a degree at the university or college is not required.